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Sand Metalcasting Foundry Services
Established in 1990, The Edelbrock sand foundry molds 300 series alloys, specializing in A356 and 808 aluminum. Its 115,000 square feet of working space has been called the most modern green sand foundry west of the Mississippi.

The Edelbrock foundry uses state-of-the-art technology in all three of its molding lines. Metal is melted in two modern tower jet melter furnaces and held in three reverb natural gas furnaces. Two fully automated cope and drag molding lines are flanked by a high-volume green sand handling system. Rounding out the field is a flaskless match plate molding line, using a dry sand technology.

processes and capacities

Three automated mold lines: 2 automated 20" X 30" cope & drag mold lines are equipped with BMM Molding machines and a Sinto brand 20" X 24" matchplate flaskless molding.

Dry sand molding: A Dry Sand continuous mixer adds to our molding process, capacity, and diversity.

Castings: Automated lines are capable of core intensive castings up to 60-pounds.

Sand handling systems: The sand foundry has a self contained sand handling system capable of processing 100 tons of sand per hour by mixing 5,000 pound batches of sand every 90 seconds. Each batch is tested by a Hartley Automatic Controller for proper moisture content & compactability. Each molding machine is replenished automatically by a complex conveyor system traveling through 400 feet of underground tunnels.

Core production: Edelbrock core production is anchored by (26) core machines, this includes (3) cold box and (23) shell machines.

Robotic Ladling Systems: 2 ABB and one Shamrock 100 lb. bottom pour ladling robots pour aluminum at a preset value for unsurpassed quality. The unique bottom pour design fills the ladle below the metal surface resulting in reduced dross and turbulence for a more consistent casting quality.

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